Photography 101: Learn from my mistake

High_Five_700TI’ve been shooting photos for many years, and am generally happy with the results. But last weekend, I made a mistake that cost me a really nice shot.

Each year, I photograph the team in the Medical Tent at the TD Beach To Beacon 10K road race. There’s not much activity until the wave of runners arrives, so I’ll grab a few shots of the winners crossing the finish line.

As this year’s winner was approaching the ribbon, I decided to try a different setting on my camera. Bad move. The camera is fairly new, and despite having read the instruction manual, the change took longer than expected. By then, the runner was at the finish line and I missed the shot.

The lesson: decide how you want to shoot something ahead of time, and set your camera accordingly. Yes, you should be ready to adapt to the environment, but changing directions seconds before your first shot is asking for trouble.

While I was able to salvage the day with some nice shots, including the one above, I missed the photo I really wanted. That said, the experience left me with a lesson I’ll always remember.

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