Confession: I love my iPhone camera

City_Hall_750HI was a little slow coming around, but count me among the fans of the camera on the iPhone (or any mobile phone for that matter). While it lacks the firepower of a SLR (Single Lens Reflex) camera or a good point and shoot, it certainly has a place in your photography toolkit.

My iPhone now accompanies me on all walks, and it has produced some nice photos, including those you see here. Additionally, photo apps let you manipulate your images quickly and easily. I used Snapseed to modify the clock tower image, left. It was my first time try with the app, and while there was likely some beginners luck involved, the process took only a couple of minutes.

I recently joined Instagram, which has fast become one of my favorite social media outlets (look me up at JohnLamb1). You can shoot, upload, edit, and post a photo in minutes. In addition to being quick, it’s very easy to learn. Give it a try.

Know your limitationsDoor_750H
Yes, there are downsides to a camera phone. The flash lacks the power to light a dark, indoor scene, and focusing on moving subjects is nearly impossible.  That said, the convenience of a camera on your phone opens a world of possibilities.

Learn the camera’s strengths and limitations, mix in a dose of creativity, and you’ll be please with the results. For example, if you’re at a sporting event, or a child’s play, try to shoot when movement is minimal. Bonus: sometimes the best shots are away from the action.

As with anything, the more you use the camera, the better your images. I try to shoot at least one nice image during each walk.

Digital Duct Tape
In addition to taking great images, a camera phone boasts a list of duct-tape-like uses that grows almost daily. Here’s a dozen to get you started:

  1. Take a photo to remember where you parked.Railroad_crossing_750H
  2. Document a fender bender.
  3. Photograph household items and receipts for proof during insurance claims.
  4. Photo and send documents or recipes to friends.
  5. Photograph your shopping loyalty card and store them in an app such as Key Ring.
  6. Photograph an item you’re thinking of buying.
  7. Photograph and post items on eBay, Craig’s List, etc.
  8. Take photos with ZZ Top when you see them in L.L.Bean at 1 am.
  9. Post vacation photos on Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  10. Sneak a photo of your camera-shy aunt who still thinks your mobile phone is only a phone.
  11. Impromptu photos in a restaurant, mall, dog park, etc., anytime you don’t have your full camera.
  12. Impress your date by creating a slide show of your evening.

Your turn. How do you use the phone on your camera?

  1. #1 by Tony on April 2, 2013 - 3:31 pm

    John, I love your blog posts even if I rarely reply. This was informative for me and I’m digging Instagram as well. You can find me at tonyd1422. Talk soon. TD

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