Christmas Trivia: Are you a Santa or a Scrooge?

You can sing the words to The 12 Days of Christmas, but how would you do in a real test of holiday trivia? Let’s find out. Answers and scoring are below:

  1. Who wrote A Christmas Carol?
  2. What was the first holiday cartoon on television?
  3. What year was The Night Before Christmas written?
  4. Who is Rudolph’s father?
  5. What gifts did the Wise Men bring to the manger?
  6. Who was Bing Crosby’s unlikely partner for a duet of The Little Drummer Boy?
  7. Who performed The Hanukkah Song?
  8. A co-star of the movie White Christmas was the aunt of one of today’s biggest celebrities. Name aunt and nephew.
  9. Who narrated How the Grinch Stole Christmas?
  10. Staying with the Grinch, the late Thurl Ravenscroft earned pop culture fame as the singer of the Grinch song. But what else is Mr. Ravenscroft known for?
  11. Which holiday song is considered the top-selling single of all time?
  12. What is the hottest holiday song today?
  13. What percent of the U.S. population is Christian?
  14. Which of Rocky Balboa’s fights took place on Christmas Day?
  15. Which popular song was actually written for Thanksgiving?
  16. What significant event happened on Christmas Day 1776?
  17. What crusty icon did Eddie Murphy play in a Saturday Night Live holiday skit?
  18. More than half of shoppers surveyed say they’ve bought which of the following gifts this year: toys, electronics, clothing, or gift cards?
  19. This Hollywood legend was born on December 25, 1899. Hint: the 1980s song Key Largo shares its name with one of his movies.
  20. In the 1990 hit movie Home Alone, where was the McCallister family planning to spend the holidays?


  1. Charles Dickens published A Christmas Carol in 1843.
  2. Mr. Magoo’s version of A Christmas Carol is believed to be the first televised holiday cartoon. It aired in 1962. The cartoon starred Jim Backus, best known as Thurston Howell III on Gilligan’s Island.
  3. The Night Before Christmas was first published in 1823.
  4. Rudolph’s father is Donner.
  5. The Wise Men brought gold, frankincense, and myrrh.
  6. David Bowie teamed with Bing Crosby to sing The Little Drummer Boy.
  7. Comedian Adam Sandler performed The Hanukkah Song.
  8. The late Rosemary Clooney, aunt of George Clooney, co-starred in White Christmas.
  9. Boris Karloff, best known for roles in horror movies, narrated How The Grinch Stole Christmas.
  10. In addition to the Grinch song, Mr. Ravenscroft was the voice of Kellogg’s Tony the Tiger, and also sang the Headless Horseman song in Disney’s The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.
  11. Bing Crosby’s 1942 version of White Christmas is considered by many to be the top-selling single of all time.
  12. According to Billboard, Mariah Carey’s All I Want for Christmas is currently the most popular holiday song.
  13. According to a Gallup poll,  78 percent of Americans say they are Christian.
  14. Rocky fought Soviet boxer Ivan Drago in on Christmas Day in 1985’s Rocky IV.
  15. Jingle Bells was written for a Thanksgiving event at a Georgia church.
  16. The Continental Army, let by George Washington, crossed the Delaware River on December 25, 1776 to attack Hessian troops in Trenton, New Jersey.
  17. Eddie Murphy played the Gumby in the SNL skit. This Gumby, however, was quite different from the character in the popular children’s show that ran from 1955 – 1989.
  18. According to the National Retail Federation, 53 percent of shoppers have purchased clothing and accessories to place under the three this year, making it the top category, followed by books/CDs/videos, and toys.
  19. Humphrey Bogart was born on Christmas Day, 1899.
  20. In Home Alone, the family was traveling to France.


15 – 20 Correct: Santa is saving a seat in his sleigh for you

10 – 14 Correct: Elf

5 – 9 Correct: Island of Misfit Toys

Less than 5: Scrooge

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