Stop stress from getting to you

I was sitting at a traffic light yesterday, and noticed an elderly man in the car next to me, cussing up a storm. Apparently, the cars passing by prevented him from making a right turn, and he had something to say about each one.

While I found the incident entertaining — it seemed like a Monty Python scene — I did feel bad for the man, and wondered what made him react that way. Perhaps he’s dealing with a lot and it just got to him that day.

So how can you manage your stress, and avoid following our friend down this profanity-laden path?

Get moving
When I’m having a really bad day, I look forward to hitting the gym, pool, or going for a walk. Exercise is my top way to manage stress.

Phone a friend
Human interaction is a great stress buster. Connect with a friend and go for coffee, see a movie, or just sit and chat. The contact will do wonders for your psyche.

I’ve never really tried meditation, but probably should. The touted benefits are impressive, and some of the best medical people are strong proponents.

Count your blessings
I read somewhere that people who are grateful tend to be happier. When you’re having a bad day, take a few minutes and think about the good things in your life —family, friends, good health, stable job, etc.

Tap your feet
Put on some music. Logic says play something soft and soothing, but I prefer loud and energizing.

Make plans
Have you always longed to see Paris? Start planning. Want a new job? Update your resume. People under stress too often fail to see possibilities. Your future is what you make it.

Break your routine
Work, home, sleep. Life can become boring. Don’t let it. Leave the television off and gather the family around the Monopoly board. Grab a pizza on the way home and take it to the beach or park. Rearrange the living room. Doing something out of the ordinary and you may find you forgot about your troubles…

Your turn…how do you manage stress?


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